I can’t change all the moments I let slip away
There’s so much I can’t rearrange
Every colour I let turn to grey
Tonight I can’t take my eyes off of you

I have always been in love
I swear it will not change
It is destined from up above
I will always be here

Every touch is fire to my skin
Smiles that were always missing
But we are us, as it should have been
When I was blind before we began

Stoic Poetry

For All In Pain

(Something a little different)

We may never be answered
Not in the way you want
Eyes distracted by hope
Demons count their casualties

Home is a pair of hands
Home is a heartbeat
Not four walls and a roof
Memories lie to be gentle

Prayers may be answered
Never as expected
Making us stronger
As we fight the tide

Stoic Poetry


We are the wanders, the seekers of dreams
Upon non trodden paths we explore
Never questioning what it means
Looking for answers that never were
Yet understanding as we share

We are the keepers of things gone by
Lest they be forgotten we will try
As best we can, placing words In arrays and verses
For the seekers and the searchers

Stoic Poetry


Hold this hand, weathered and worn
Tell me tales I have never heard
Ones of heroes and kings
That I may know your words

Speak to me of life and love
In obscure verses and rhymes
Of glorious deeds and victories
Beyond the memory of these times

I will revel in the times past
Imaginings I cannot conceive
With twinkling eyes I will hear
Everything I want to believe

Stoic Poetry


If I could fly then I would see
How petty the world can be
Soaring through clouds o’er  mountain tops
Unbound and finally free

To see the beauty in which we live
This breaking heart would swell
Seeing what we have been given
Yet never do we treat it well

As I land I would take with me
The beauty I have seen
Spreading it far across the land
Sharing where I have been

Stoic Poetry


We are drawn to the familiar
Comfortable in our little pond
Never a fan of any change
Unwilling to look beyond

Suspicious of anyone different
Never trusting what they say
Looking different we shun away
Hoping they go on their way

So we never leave our little box
Never learn about others at all
Where lessons are waiting
If we could break down the wall

Stoic Poetry

Take Flight

Again my fancy takes to flight,
And soars away on thoughtful wings,
Once more my soul thrills with delight,
From Earthly scenes awhile, I find release

Where nothing disturbs and nothing harms,
I find no sorrow, woe or care,
These all are lost in perfect calm,
Bright are the joys, where worries cease

Stoic Poetry

Ghost Writing

The bedside journal fills
With phrases not my own
Jotted in hasty lucid moments
When another life donned

The dawn reveals phrases
Hard to decipher words
The hand of another plays
Rhymes I have barely heard

A nocturnal gift received
From where do they come?
I truly will not ever know
Maybe borrowed, I will never know

Stoic Poetry