Losing My Mind

I have been losing my mind
since the day I was born
if you stay in my world
you will need to wait for me

Maybe I will try to catch up
or stay a little behind
if feels a little safer back here
fearing for those who break free

But if I decide to forge ahead
please do not compare me
to what others may be
if I break free and just be me

Stoic Poetry


Coffee Cups

Early mornings, coffee cups
Rediscovering memories
Bedroom ceiling
Wide eyed and dreaming

When all the things I thought I knew
Are fading in the morning dew
And home is just a point of view
But all the while

It took me round the world to see
You are where I need to be
Afternoon the sun dips down
A place where I can find my peace

Stoic Poetry


The incessant tap, tap
The source unknown
Not from outside or another
As I am sitting here alone

Tap, tap,
A little more insistent now
Straining ears
But no sound somehow

Something I forgot?
Trying to remind me
From some place deep inside
To open my eyes and see

Stoic Poetry

Summer Breeze

The miracle of a summer breeze,
waving hillside grass to and fro
ahead of autumns arrival

Scents, sweet and undeniable,
upon remaining sunlit waves,
earthy tones promise forest walks

For now the grass will wave,
and the sun still shines
As words fall upon the page

Stoic Poetry


The days pass by
Too many to count
And I have followed
In blindness led

The path not my own
Yet others seemed to know
But I was mistaken

The road is full of weeds
Taking time to clear
But it is mine alone
Tending it with care

Stoic Poetry

Permanent Scars

The worlds on fire but we’re still smiling
Though it’s all our fault
But life is short so we resort to laughing through it all
It’s the battle within the good and the sin
With both sides standing strong

It’s our permanent scars
It’s how broken we are
It’s the things that hurt us all
But isn’t it beautiful
The way we fall apart

So unpredictable
We’re comfortably miserable
We think we’re invincible
Completely unbreakable
And maybe we are

Stoic Poetry


You’re a liar but I’m a coward so I can’t throw a stone
We’re so imperfect but so worth it because we’re not alone
It’s the wars that we wage, the lives that we take
For better or for worse

It’s the lion we cage, the love and the rage
That keeps us wanting more
The world is dark but all it takes
Is your love to spark
And set my heart on fire once again

Stoic Poetry


Now you better run,
As the curse begins to fall
You can feel that man coming.

Hear the watchers and the scapegoats,
You’ve been hiding in the rain
With a back cut and music,
You have been bleeding out your pain

But where do you think you can run to when the man is you.

And hold me close, you’ll never see
You’ are the only one who understands
The terrible storm in me.

And I’ll wait for you here,
With silent voice.
God only knows I never wanted you to make this choice.

Well you loathed down in the mire,
Because you didn’t wanna face it.
With a gunslinger’s desire,
You’d rather burn out than save it

Stoic Poetry

Summer Strains

“Boys Of Summer” plays in the background
Old music sparking memories
Decades in the making
Familiar voice, notes and words
Hummed mindlessly to a smile

So many summers have gone now
Hopefully many more still to come
And I will remember the music
Some things linger; music tops the list

Stoic Poetry