There’s always a space in my heart for you
Always open and free
Always caught in your gravity

Drifting in the void deep and dark
Your light beckons
And I shift my direction

Always my soul belongs to where you are
With your heaven of stars
No distance is ever too far

Stoic Poetry



I can’t fall asleep easily
I am not a religious man
But I know something is here
I want to do better; honestly

When I am hung by my feet
Could I still be your son?
I have tried hard to be worthy
but this world often defeats

I simply call him Father
Every day I am so aware
Of how much I should care
I am loved, even when I falter

Stoic Poetry

Along The Way

I didn’t get lost along the way
I got VERY lost
Adrift in a world with no sense

Broken glass and shattered dreams
Paths fading away
Looking for a glimmer

Dark days, black nights
Putting myself on trial was the habit
Pulled from under, I awoke

Into the light, surfacing
Damming the turbulent past
Praying the dam will hold

Stoic Poetry


All the walls we build inside
Will never be high enough
To keep the water from our eyes

All the good you see in the world
Will never be good enough
But it is all we have for now

Tell me all the thoughts that weigh on you
Every wall we build inside
Will never be enough

Hoping for change
But living in lies
Dry the water from your eyes
It will never be good enough

But it is enough for now

Stoic Poetry


Sleeping bliss wakes to this
Watching the dawning sky
Stars still bright, cling to the night
In mornings early kiss

Perseid meteors streak the heavens

With eyes clear sitting here
Words are pulled from sleep
For a little while I will stay and smile
In the darkness soft and deep

Stoic Poetry

Losing My Mind

I have been losing my mind
since the day I was born
if you stay in my world
you will need to wait for me

Maybe I will try to catch up
or stay a little behind
if feels a little safer back here
fearing for those who break free

But if I decide to forge ahead
please do not compare me
to what others may be
if I break free and just be me

Stoic Poetry

Coffee Cups

Early mornings, coffee cups
Rediscovering memories
Bedroom ceiling
Wide eyed and dreaming

When all the things I thought I knew
Are fading in the morning dew
And home is just a point of view
But all the while

It took me round the world to see
You are where I need to be
Afternoon the sun dips down
A place where I can find my peace

Stoic Poetry