Just Sometimes

When sunlight glints
And I am aware
I can see behind
More than is there

Beauty unbound
Reflected on faces
In common things
And far off places

I will remain
Here for a while
The rest of today
I will carry this smile

Stoic Poetry


To the misfits and the freaks
To the outcasts and the geeks
To the weird kids that don’t care
Feeling like you’re not there

To the ones who won’t look in
To the mirro,r because you’re scared
Don’t let the hate become your own
There are those whom art has no meaning
Who look up at the Sistine Chapel
And only see a ceiling

Well you know what I would say to you?
Very nice to meet you
The perfect conversation, 
I think that I read about one time
When everyone had their own mind

Stoic Poetry


Where The Wild Things Were

Through the dells and forest glens
ancient trees, and meadow streams
running free, across the land
far from man and his machines

Seasons change as all things do
the balance shifted and swayed
laundromats and shopping malls
as the wild places began to fade

Days now spent among their friends
the constant rumbling of motor cars
greeting people who stroll on by
acting wild from behind the bars

Stoic Poetry

Just Life

You only live life once
It’s never the same
You try really hard
But never in vain
I know, and that’s just life

How far would you go?
Whatever the price
We all got here
From a roll of the dice
I know, what you’re thinking

What were you thinking?
The world keeps sinking
Take a look around
All the lights keep blinking
No one is left to save the day

Stoic Poetry

Falling Down

Do the best you can
That’s what they say
I wish I could tell you it will be okay
But it’s not, and that’s okay

We all have doubts and pain
We’re all getting wet in the rain
We’re human and that’s the game
So why would you ever complain

When your life throws a right 
Tell me, are you strong enough?
With your head hanging down
You must pick it up, don’t fall down

Stoic Poetry

The Edge

Beyond the edge of memories 
lies a place without time
Where the ebb and flow 
are the rhythm and the rhyme

A place beyond all things
Where everything begins
To where all things return 
And endless possibilities sing 

This place most primordial
Breathes birth into the world
No past, not even a future
Where our present is unfurled

Stoic Poetry

The Forge

Within this fiery forge of creation 
Was this soul formed of perdition
Now lived in a sense of contrition

Every day I put on this face
Stepping into the world is wrong
I do not know for how long

Today, maybe I will find the way
To try and finally break away
I truly can no longer stay

I am of fire and steel
A Stoic heart that feels
They say we have no emotion 
But we feel and flow as an ocean

Stoic Poetry

Who We Are

Stay the course, tow the line, stay on plan
Whose course, whose line, or plan?
Why are they throwing this in my face? 

Perpetuation of subjugation, decimation
Of our right to rise above subsistence
Let me be an individual, please let me live 

Who gave anyone the right to tell us what to think?
We did! Each and every one of us gave away that right
So embedded in the day to day, just trying to get by
We can no longer see who or where we are
We allowed this, you and I both
Work, relaxation, vacation, all only incentives 
Distracting you from seeing what we could be  

Stoic Poetry


All of life is a transition
From nonexistence to birth
Birth to death
Then back to the earth

Nihilistic to belief
Myopic to awareness
We are never static
Judged in fairness
We are all alike

Stoic Poetry