The signs were there
The slightest tarnish
The lackluster sheen
Coating the varnish

They call it a patina
At the end of the day
Removed and hung
Taken off and put away

Shine became rust
With pits and dings
The armor wears out
Like most other things

But I will wear it still
Until the end of days
The battle is borne
Holding the world at bay

Stoic Poetry



The morning chill settles
Upon fingers and toes
Autumn dawn, a frosted rose

Crisp days are upon us now
Scents of the coming snow
Hints that winter is in tow

Tingling skin on this dawn
Bundled tight against the cold
Biting deeper as we grow old

Stoic Poetry

Gray Days

These days have grayed
The iris’s of his eyes
Standing in the rain
While daylight dies

He will wait until he knows
The love that never lies
A heart that cannot rest
Without requited sighs

Sun and moon arcs
Are of no consequence
In days of shadows
Without rhyme or sense

Stoic Poetry


All the lines on my face
show all of the times
I have abandoned myself
trying to hold the pace

Now it’s time to slow down
the never ending race
where no one ever wins
and no one wins a crown

Watch the world go past
capturing a few words
writing another verse
that may somehow last

Stoic Poetry


I have nothing on my mind
I can’t seem to remember
All the things I have forget
I hope I have no regrets

No one knows quite what I am
And I know that on the outside
I’m not what I used to be
After all I’ve had to see

We walk one road to set us free
To find we’ve gone the wrong way
But we will never turn back
All roads lead to what I lack

No matter the plans I’ve made
Do you remember who I was
Can you still feel me?
Do you even still see me?

Can you lay hands upon me now?
And shine a light into my soul?
Cast this darkness from me somehow
Only you can save me now

Stoic Poetry