Take A Stand

When truth parts the draped veil
Combing the daylight for signs
Marketing another year for sale
Waiting to sign on the dotted line

Standing the ground, a last stand
Long life bent the broken man
Came the fire to break my hand,
They’ll get you in the end if they can.

Stoic Poetry


Distant Skies

Walk with light in a darkening world,
Day’s sorrow with her secret smile.
Looking up to the blush of the sunshine,
Open up my dimmed eyes as I walk a mile.

Wearily they looked, without a care,
Youth’s early smile born of ripening fruit.
Wield their dark boughs to the virgin air,
Life grown of cruel moments near its root.

Gazing upon it with an anxious sigh,
Read the blue heavens with naked eyes.
The homage to men, each sun must die,
To smile, in the light of distant skies.

Stoic Poetry


Curtained rain washing yesterday’s dirt
The last barren snow laid to final rest
Swift as a dew from the window at night
Every star slipping across the wet canvas
Everything goes so small without the light

Stoic Poetry


Ghosts reborn to carry the past,
Hands that shook as feet were laid.
Storms that stalked the shadows cast,
Upon distant lands beyond the blade.

Close to the tilt, high over the sail,
Struck a wave with emotion at dawn.
Now the coming of the golden vale,
There flows the blood our age has drawn.

Stoic Poetry

To Be Human

When love reminds us of our humanity,
Light to our heels in heavy journeys.

A piercing blade. The sweet of the night,
Light for the dark in the garden white.

They made up their mind and looked away,
Wherever I crossed and brushed the way.

In the light of joy or darkness of pain,
That we might forget them all in vain.

The Sorrow, after the broken night,
Came in a moment to our sight!

You had to go with an drift of doors,
In search of a wild and distant shore.

Stoic Poetry

Marching On

The withered trees now down,
The moon split in disbelief.
And left us in this town,
Turning from this world in grief.

Looking at that road from afar,
Young then beside the brook.
The sound of a ghostly star,
On a day I clearly mistook.

Now we go, and there we are,
Stuck in this water of sand.
In dying towns and rusty cars,
Hear the clock take the last stand.

Stoic Poetry

The Dance

Freshest rain defines the day,
Blue as a bedroom to the dawn,
Wild for the way, the slender ray,
Yet never this light could be gone.

She said full of feelings and grace,
“The moon is just a black sky valley,”
Struck as by a hard hand on my face;
“Why do we wait so and dally.”

Swift as a stroke against the sky,
When I was young. I had the chance,
The leaves were spent with all replies,
Finding the last place to break its trance.

Stoic Poetry

Into The Abyss

When the veil of reality falls away,
Glimpsing darkest depths unknown,
Our minds are open to wonder and fear,
As we stand on the edge, all alone.

The abyss yawns wide beneath our feet,
Dark and endless, swallowing the light,
And we wonder what secrets it conceals,
What creatures lurk in its infinite night.

For those among us who dare to seek,
Who venture forth into the unknown,
This place becomes their domain,
A realm of mystery all their own.

Let us not fear the great unknown,
Nor tremble at the darkest embrace,
For in its depths lies a world of wonders,
A realm of limitless possibility and grace.

And though we may stumble and fall,
And lose ourselves in this lonely call,
We must remember that the journey is worth it,
For it is through the darkness that we find our light.

Stoic Poetry

The In Between

Warm sunlight; streaked glass
Heavy eyes shutter the outside
Drifting into the in between
Day to night times wedding bride

Unborn dreams within the mist
Images form and whispers greet
In this place approaching sleep
Tomorrow’s and today’s meet

Stoic Poetry


My steps become unsteady
Ambling through the world
My speech a little slower
Rejecting what I have heard

“Play this game,” I was told
Forge a name in every hour
Maybe they will remember
A man of wealth and power

The calling came late in life
Peaceful reserve and service
Influence became distasteful
Once I found true purpose

Stoic Poetry