There is no need to believe
Knowing how it’s supposed to be
It has never been easy, never will
Words written in abandon, let them roar

We have never understood what they say
We are the few that the few may remember
A thunder roar in the frailty we are
If we were toid do it again, would it be the same?

No one ever told us it would be easy
I can never extinguish the living in me
The walls fell long ago with nothing left to hide
No longer fighting, just rolling in on the tide

Stoic Poetry


Lesser Roads

We used to roam untravelled roads
Fueled by joy and boundless hope
Brother, one by one we are almost gone
Often it feels we are imitating life

This is a rewrite, figuring it out
Finding, fighting my way back to life
Stepping off the safety of the sidelines
There’s a faint flicker in your eyes

I cannot shut my eyes while you suffer
When the last of your light has been lost
Casting shadows lost in approaching dusk
In a sudden flash of light we go on forever

Stoic Poetry

Balancing Act

Just as it all seems to fall down
This question between smile and frown
Please go on if it feels so good
I am left senseless in the quagmire

It’s carved into my mind, your words
But not everyone is built to take a lie
Is everything wrong, do we never see truth?

You talk the talk and make them want you
And you, you always seem to make me useless
The wire is so narrow high above the wreckage
It has become so hard to know what I really want

Stoic Poetry


I will dive right down for your love
Treading on broken glass and needles
Chest pains that come from breathing
Keeping up with this vertigo feeling

From under my dessicated tight skin
The insects come crawing from within
Now get up, the air is running low
Wait for the light to enflame the glow

What are we here for? Figure it out
What have we done that we are in for?
Who do we bow to, off feet, on our knees
Figure it out fast before it bleeds

Stoic Poetry


There’s a bitter surprise from my reflection
This broken mirror hides what is still inside
A million triggers and they’re ready to blow
There is a messed up reason for me to abide

There are far too many reasons for me to stay
The answers to questions are getting closer
Impossible to know which one I should follow
My damnations will never change the composer

Stoic Poetry

Ordinary Lives

We tell our friends we try
In our ordinary lives
I have been waiting for so long
But there are no tears to cry

Into the wild we pray that we awake
Cloaked oblivion keeps us greatful
Just maybe this one is our time
Or do we accept the truth that we take

Stoic Poetry

Doing Alright

Chasing shadows that lead our way
The frail, the bruised who start anew
Running blind in their hearts
Lost ones fighting for what is true

You play the fool, the painful truth
Neither light nor dark, only in gray
Told through you, with flickering eyes
Am I somehow being unkind in this way?

The painful truth is told through you
Until the day we all fall into line
Do we run or do we stay and fight?
As shadows tell us we will be just fine

Stoic Poetry

Feel The Rain

Forboding skies where we roam
Feel the rain among widswept trees
Heaving Earth and lifting stones
Colliding in sounds, pure harmony

I need to be closer, I need to run
You need to be faster or I will catch up
Havoc rising high as we draw nearer
Now we need to prepare for what’s to come

Stoic Poetry

Missing Chances

We mourn the lives not  lived
We never developed our talents
Easy to wish we’d worked harder
Or maybe loved much better

It takes no effort to miss a friend
Those we didn’t make and lost
It is not difficult to see yourself
Through the eyes of others

It is easy to regret for so long
Until our time runs out
It is not lives unlived we regret
lt is the regret itself

A regret that makes us shrivel
Wither away and shrink
Like our own  worst enemy
Would any versions be better?

Lives happen, it is true
But you are happening as well
This one we have to focus on
For it is all that we have

Stoic Poetry