No One Can Explain

They say they know
Maybe they really do
But when they explain
Something is always lost
Between me and you

Experience is personal
It is one of a kind
In the simple telling
Words cannot convey
A truth you may find

There are many teachers
Who promise true reality
They share the words
Promises of awakening
Yet we remain in duality

Stoic Poetry


Beyond Exhausted

I am tired, but I try
Doing the things I must
I get through the day
With all I have to give
All I want to do is cry

Still so little remains
I dig down so deep
But it is almost empty
I dredge the bottom
Trying to hide the pain

No one can clearly see
What still remains of me
No one is allowed
The glimpse inside
Of what I used to be

Stoic Poetry

Can I Be?

Can I be the one I was meant to be
True of heart with the clarity to see
Can I stand for everything that’s good
Or will I fall as those who have stood

Can I be strong when weakness calls
Can I be wise when all around chaos falls
Will I choose what I will become
Or will I bend before my time is done

Can I be a light on the darkest night
Can I be everything I thought I might
Time will tell what may be true
But I will always be there for you

Stoic Poetry

Some Days

Some days are perfect
In all their imperfection
Being what is meant to be
Flowing without direction

Riding on the ripples
No resistance at all
Riding where it takes us
Just heeding life’s call

Living is in the balance
Becoming, as we make it
Always having the choice
Flames to snuff or keep lit

Stoic Poetry

So Much

I own very little
Yet I have so much
Walls to stay warm
Amidst the storm

Breathing every morning
Is the gift of all gifts
And when I am hungry
There is food to feed me

Shiny baubles have faded
Into the tarnish of time
I never have missed them
What I had back when

Stoic Poetry

Back And Forth

They never stop
Going nowhere
Back and forth
Here and there

Always in a hurry
Without a destination
Never arriving
Moving in desperation

There is no peace
And it will never stop
Someplace always to be
Until the day they drop

Stoic Poetry


Father what would you have me do
Have I been a disappointment to you?
I have tried my best in troubled times
Giving away everything I thought was mine

Now there is oh so little within me left
I rise each day and try to take a breath
Doing what there needs to be done
So much pain, but am I still your son?

Stoic Poetry


I am walking on wires
Over the scene of an accident
The wrong is below
I try to walk as I was meant

Waiting for you to tell me
What we are supposed to do?
March like the thunder?
Or fall below in the name of you?

Where it all falls down in the end
Welcome to the edge
Looking down we fall
But hold onto the ledge

Stoic Poetry


Years have greyed the iris of his eyes
The light has been dimmed
Time has been a cruel friend

But life goes on no matter the cost
A lot given and built
Without regret, a battle to the end

So he walks, as tall as he can
A little stopped, a little bent
Passing time that was lent

Stoic Poetry

Never Gone

Mourning the final loss
Afraid we may yet forget
The passing of another
Caught in memories net

Always there are reminders
Of what has gone before
So we dwell in the sadness
For those beyond the door

They will never return
After that one final day
They would want us to live
In every possible way

Stoic Poetry