Among Us

She said tell me again
How giants were among us
With memories reaching back
Before the greed and lust

Tell me of the gentler times
Of peace and understanding
Before the hunger took us
In a world far less demanding

Tell me of the love and grace
Blue skies and fields of green
Of sharing in a simpler life
Or maybe it was just a dream

Stoic Poetry


Yes There Is Love

In the smallest of things
Smiles given without cause
A hello to a total stranger
Without thinking or a pause

Wrapping arms around a friend
A heart given; without a cost
Just because you wanted too
Nothing can ever be lost

Forget the movies romance
The commercials selling sex
Real love comes without cost
Only needing to be expressed

Stoic Poetry

It Remains

I read a simple poem today
A short and lovely thing
It stayed through the morning
As it colored everything

The smile it put upon my face
Every time I recalled the words
Blossoms full of a voiceless joy
With words I have never heard

Such a little thing; easily missed
At a glance as the morning began
Embedded in my mind it stayed
It somehow changed who I am

Stoic Poetry


Time is a fickle mistress, stealing life,
Combing the daylight as beggars at night,
Stalking every man with a little knife,
Light from the dark door into the light.

When in a lost moment of idle fault;
I returned to the house in the dark.
The gray deal under the sun’s assault,
To see upon myself some sort of mark.

The old mirror lied within it’s gaze,
The stranger looking back at me,
Gone the vision of my younger days,
As old eyes neglect what they now see.

Stoic Poetry

Days Go By

One day followed the next,
And this life went on,
Endings became beginnings,
Times to be reflected upon.

Nothing was ever truly lost,
But everything had changed,
Each day was being built upon;
Shards to be rearranged.

In time, all will be complete,
Even pieces that never fit,
In this disorder of things,
In this fire that has been lit.

Stoic Poetry


There are days; they never end
Others without thought at all
Ideas which I cannot defend
Then days without any recall

These spaces between are few
In silence beyond all reproach
Church of the mind; solitary pew
When the world cannot encroach

Balance is more than an act
Between sanity and eternal
The fine line possible and fact
Between living and the infernal

Stoic Poetry


If the world were to soon end,
Slowly the old blue drift down the west.
Hang with old groves and songs of a friend;
Tighter clouds their adamantine nest.

Lightning and midnight, with a royal train,
Resist the chords of beauty and night.
Rosy with light, in the hour detain,
Let the night alight, below the light.

Stoic Poetry

To Write

The words are our own
Some we may share
Others are for us alone

If one person reads them
We are truly blessed
Never relinquish the pen

Words with no other goal
Than the love of sharing
Soothing a scarred soul

Stoic Poetry


The freedom to live a happy life,
The future, becomes a glittering string.
Something in the world of one and all,
To be a knight and to be a king.

Now tone your beauty and your silence;
Part for each level of the singing hour,
Swifter I slew Death with last defiance.
Through my spirit, as a budding flower.

Stoic Poetry