Behold the great design
Listener of mine
Legends never die
We defy extinction
Dwelling on the outer rim

But we’re still alive
Stare into the void
Can you feel the shiver
running down your spine?
Close your eyes

Say the word
Let darkness guide the way
Legends never die
Dwelling on the outer rim
We’re still alive

Stoic Poetry

For Love

If I said I love you
Would you believe the words
And if I said I cared for you
Would you believe what you have heard

For you are the better part of me
You are my whole world
Without you I am nothing
With you I am no longer scared

Stoic Poetry

Soft Silence

Life dwells in the still silence
between the drama, need, and want
in still moments, beyond the words
the ceaseless words, silence will haunt

Words that deceive, unseen motives
without truth, always taking their toll
rest now; silence guide me home
where love lives, without cost to my soul

Stoic Poetry


I searched a small world to find you
trying to find where you were
In the last place I looked
And really no too far if you cared

I knew right away you were the one
And my search was done
A sad life left behind, abandoned
And farther than I could run

Close to death, I trusted in you
And you brought me back from the brink
I love; and will always love you
Maybe more than you may ever think

Stoic Poetry


This ocean swells
In heaves and sighs
Calm depths
I can’t deny

Storms above
And calm below
The tides will rise
Then come and go

Crashing on shores
And then retire
Until the day
When they expire

Alone in time
To ebb and flow
Exploring a life
That few will know

Stoic Poetry

Higher View

Lift my eyes to a higher view
Show me there is more
Than I ever knew

Open my ears that I might hear
Beyond the noise and din
The words that I hold so dear

Open my heart that I might feel
Against the pain of the world
To feel all the things that are real

Stoic Poetry