Never Forget

How could I ever forget
The endless nights
slowly creeping dawns
when I lay in the abyss

Flickers of light pulling
telling me to stay awhile
but I too tired to try
only wanting out of this

A voice called me back
away from the final step
back to a new day
when I decided to stay

Stoic Poetry


We take our chances and roll the dice
Never thinking once about the price
Slipping by maybe for a while
Sometimes crashing in a broken pile

But what is a life without the risk
Promises of comfort, safety and bliss
An illusion of what this life should be
Yet without any risk are we truly free?

Stoic Poetry


The days are gone
And not coming back
Passed through time
Never owned or held
Reminders, nothing more

Here and now remains
Only for a moment
All life in a blink
Lived and let fall
As it never was at all

Stoic Poetry

Dark Morning

The morning dawned dark and dreary
With no sign of the sun to be found
And I with eyes tired and bleary
Awoke and took a good look around

Shadows moved within my glance
Though at first I could not see
Ominous figures moved and danced
Finally realising they were only me

Stoic Poetry