Beginning to finally see clearly
Surface and layers peeling away
Each in turn a memory remembered
Forgotten, now re-emerging fresh and new
Familiar yet somehow changed
By light tempered through time

Stoic Poetry


Beyond the edge of memories 
lies a place without time
Where the ebb and flow 
are the rhythm and the rhyme

A place beyond all things
Where everything begins
To where all things return 
And endless possibilities sing
This place most primordial
Breathes birth into the world
No past; not even a future
Where our present is unfurled

Stoic Poetry


The stains of the past are stubborn
there is no washing them away
always returning once again
to remind us of some yesterday

Becoming a part of who you are
colouring the “you” of today
always there beside you
reflecting no matter what you say

Taken as a lesson they return home
resting without leaving a scar
to the past they retire
accepting them for what they are

Stoic Poetry


By some chance of fate
I became where there was nothing before
This gift was given
So rare in its beauty
With a heart and spirit that soar

I will treasure this gift
That may or may not ever come again
And share its loving light
With all upon this lonely place
To give in comfort and easing pain

Stoic Poetry

Outskirts Of Life

Turn the television off
and let that train head on home
they say darkness hides the light
one cannot be without the other
always they’re just out of our sight

Cool of night and the heat of day
the brother and sister of this world
each dancing together in twilight
before departing, each to his own
dancing again just beyond the night

Stoic Poetry