Whisper it, don’t let them hear.
Be careful; it’s them you should fear.
Follow them, do what they say,
And for your sake, don’t run away.

Their hearts are as black as black can be.
Their souls chill you to the bone, don’t you see?
They’ll lure you into their arms and tear you apart.
Then they’ll suck the blood out of your heart,

Leave you gasping for air that surrounds you.
I know it sounds unreal, like it’s not true,
But don’t look at them, don’t ask who they are.
Their darkness surrounds us from afar.

Don’t provoke them, don’t make them mad,
For if you do, the outcome could be bad.
The demons will rise through the land.
The darkness will clasp your cold, icy hand.

You’ll remember all your darkened power,
And the demons will rise in the night’s darkest hour.
They’ll lead you to a darker path,
And you’ll be the one to unleash the demon’s wrath.

Stoic Poetry


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