This unattended moment: The past awakens
Claws rending; emotions spilling into the light
Heart closes: Defenseless at what has been taken
Sever the head of this banal beast; end this fight

This unattended moment: Hopeless and caught
Pushed: Falling and helpless in a bottomless past
Reliving battles: Never wanted, but have fought
Opening old wounds; has the future die been cast?

This unattended moment: Trust may be a snare
Without mercy or reprieve; held within this cell
Too tired to fight: Maybe one day, if given care
A broken heart may reopen; but only time will tell

This attended moment: If the flowers faded away
She is my tomorrow; while I am still here today
And if the storm clouds decided to dwell awhile
She is the sunlight; and all the reasons I will stay

Stoic Poetry


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